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 Audition Notice

Center Stage Community Theatre is pleased to announce open auditions for:

Jake's Women

A Comedy by Neil Simon

Directed by Jan Jamison

Auditions will take place on

Monday , June 8th, 2015 at 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Tuesday, June 9th , 2015 at 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Possible Callback on Tuesday June 9th

They will take place at Center Stage Community Theatre.

604 Powell Street

Lebanon , IN 46052

Those auditioning please be prepared to read from the script.

"Jake's Women " will run July 24th, 2015, through August 9th , 2015.

Any questions regarding the show, rehearsals, etc. can be directed to Jan Jamison at


Show Synopsis:

America's premier comic playwright makes another hilarious foray into the world of modern

relationships. Jake, a novelist who is more successful with fiction than with life, faces a marital

crisis by daydreaming about the women in his life. The wildly comic and sometimes moving

flashbacks played in his mind are interrupted by visitations from actual females. Jake's women

include a revered first wife who was killed years earlier in an accident, his daughter who is

recalled as a child but is now a young woman, his boisterous and bossy sister, an opinionated

analyst, his current wife who is leaving Jake for another man, and a prospective third wife. Jake,

played by Alan Alda on Broadway, and his women definitely deliver.

"Fantastically funny...Jake's Women are a wonderful crowd." - The New York Post

"Full of funny lines."-The New Yorker

"One of Simon's best." - The Los Angeles Times

"Wit and wisecracks aplenty." - UPI

"Spending time with Jake's Women is a wholly justifiable diversion for the audience as well as

the protagonist." - The New York Daily News


The cast calls for :

1 male, stage age late 40s - late 50s

7 females, stage age 12 (1), 40-50 (4), and early 20 s (2).

Center Stage Community Theatre

604 Powell Street. Lebanon, IN 46052 (765) 894-5587


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